Appellate Judge Malan said in his land mark judgment on the NCA, “Unfortunately, the National Credit Act cannot be described as the ‘best drafted Act of Parliament which was ever passed, nor can the draftsman be said to have been blessed with the ‘draftsmanship of a Chalmers’.”   Sir Mackenzie Dalzell Chalmers was a renowned British legislative draftsman. The result has been that there has been much ambiguity surrounding the interpretation of the NCA and plethora of cases on the Act’s interpretation.

The National Credit Act is not alone and the other two Acts drafted by the same draftsman, the Consumer Protection Act and the new Companies Act has also proved problematic. Therefore, getting a proper legal understanding of these Acts and insuring that your business complies is vital.

Our in-depth knowledge in credit and debt collection laws allows us to give sound expert opinions in these areas of law and ensure compliance.

We have provided opinions to numerous banks, retailers, companies and attorneys on legal issues in this area of law and we can assist you too.

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