We are pleased to welcome Li-Juan Welthagen to the Bentley Attorneys team as an associate attorney and our new Head of Commercial Collections and Litigation. Preshika Naidoo will remain involved in this department in her capacity as Head of Operations, along with Li-Juan, Brett and Melanie Reddy-Peters.

Li-Juan has a LLB degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and she was admitted as an attorney of the High Court in 2011. Li-Juan’s email address is li-juan@bentleylaw.co.za.

We are strengthening the department as firstly we have been recently appointed to the panel of a number of blue-chip companies and we anticipate the volume of work increasing in this department. Secondly with Preshika’s work increasing across the firm we want to insure that all matters continue to receive their proper attention..


The full Commercial Collections and Litigation team –  Preshika Naidoo, Melanie Reddy-Peters, Li-Juan Welthagen and Brett Bentley.

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